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Welcome to, a guide that focuses exclusively on providing players from around the world with information about playing slots games at online casinos. Here you’ll find information about a variety of slots including 3 reel slots, video slots, progressive slots and how to play. We’ve also included several free slots games here at that can be played directly within your web browser for free.

Free Slots Games

Playing online slots games for free gives you a chance to evaluate games before you comit to making a deposit at an online casino and playing for real money. Below are some free online casino slots games to try out.

Top Online Casinos

Below is a listing of the top, most trusted and reputable online casino websites that we recommend to players. These brands have been fully tested by experts to ensure fair play, fast pay and a great experience.

About Us & Online Slots

Hello there! You’ve come to a site dedicated to online casino gambling. We aim to provide articles, guides and discussions on all aspects of online slots, from reviews of individual games to information about playing in the UK and all over the world. We give the latest slot games a test spin to let you know what’s hot and what to expect when you play. Our reviewers know the gambling industry from the inside, so they know what makes a good game! On top of that, we provide several guides on the nature of online slots, responsible gaming and which types you might like, from 5 reel to 3 reel. We even have some handy FAQs to help you answer your quick questions. Put your feet up, take a look around and good luck with your gaming!

Why Online Slots Are So Hot

We at have aimed to make a site friendly to those who’re new to the world of online casino slots, but also with some recognisable information for veterans. The fact is that online slots are bigger than ever and this exciting world is growing every day, so a lot of new people are looking for hints and tips or simply for fun games. The beauty of online slots and the reason why they’re so popular at the moment is based on two major factors; accessibility and entertainment value.

Online slots enjoy a big accessibility advantage over traditional casinos. Once upon a time there were very few casino websites, because not everyone had access to high speed broadband and the graphical technology was sorely limited. Now the opposite is true; not only do most homes have the internet and computing power needed, but you can even play on a mobile device! Better still, online slots are always open and you don’t need to drive anywhere or even leave the comfort of your chair. You don’t have to pay for drinks or queue up, either. When it comes to the entertainment factor, there are people on both sides of the fence regarding online vs traditional casino play, but the fact is that online slots are very advanced now. They feature high res graphics, all kinds of wild bonus rounds with interactive animations and they’re supported by promotional offers and live support. Many are branded by major names like Terminator and Marvel too, so they feature all your favourite characters.

Online Casino Gambling in The UK

Part of our site is dedicated to explaining the state of online gambling and where you stand. The UK legally allows online gambling on casino sites, so you have nothing to worry about, plus you have the security of knowing that sites in the UK are subject to strict legal regulation and licensing. You can confidently play in the UK so long as you remember to play responsibly, which many sites will happily help you with. Some sites based abroad can also be played from the UK, so simply look for the seal of approval from a licensing body and all is well. There are lots of sites out there which offer huge, free cash bonuses to new players, so take a look around and enjoy this growing world of internet slots. You’ve got to spin it to win it! Players from the UK looking to play online should either search online or visit this website known to be one of the best player focused guides in the industry pertaining to online gambling in the UK.