3 Reels of fun.

Three reel slots get their name from the simple fact that they have three reels! This format is probably the most instantly recognisable type of slot, especially for those new to online slots. They feature three reels in a row, just like the traditional slot machines that you see in movies and resorts. They’re less common online than 5 reel slots, but they are still used and tend to be a casual play choice for veterans.

The ideal game for beginners.

3 reel slots are great for beginners too, as they tend to have the bare minimum of features. This isn’t always the case and there are some which try to bridge the gap between cutting edge 5 reel games and the classic form, but more often than not, they’re very simple and straightforward. To win, you want three matching symbols to land on the reels, which you then compare to the paytable to see what they’re worth. Most often, you want these symbols to land across the middle row. This is the traditional style, but some do adopt the multiple pay lines that are seen on newer slots.

Land three bells, for example, in a line across the middle and you’ll win whatever the bell is worth. Three reel slots tend not to have Wild symbols and other special features, but have a look on the paytable to be sure. You rarely have bonus rounds on 3 reel games, which some see as a downside, because part of the beauty of online slot gaming is that modern computer graphics allow for all kinds of impressive animations and special events. However, the other side of the coin is that games without features are quicker and easier, especially for new players, or simply for those who don’t like their spins to be interrupted. Some players even find that with just three reels, these slots are easier on the eye if you play for a long period of time.

It’s worth noting that while 3 reel slots tend to be simpler than 5 reels, they do have some special features. For example, some give special payouts for unusual combinations of winning symbols. You can also get 3 reel games with the same kind of enhanced artwork and animation as seen on 5 reels. They can also be given progressive jackpots, where the prize pot is built up by everyone who’s playing and rises all the time, so hitting a jackpot on a humble 3 reel slot could turn into an enormous win.

Because of their simplicity and ease of play, these slots remain popular on sites as a gateway for newcomers, or as a casual game for people with limited time. They tend to have a cult following and represent the origins of online slot games, so people keep going back to them for nostalgia and familiarity. Many 3 reel games have both demo mode and real play mode, so you can always give them a try before spending any money.