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Thu, Apr 17, 2014

Online Keno

Online Keno is becoming one of the most addicting games!! Slotstop has compiled these online keno rules & Keno online guides to show how you can play free Keno online, and teach you all about the world of online keno games. Read more about Online Keno tips & strategies, where the best online casinos to play on are and find our free casino bonuses for Keno


How to play Online Keno

How to play online keno?


This online keno rules guide has been compiled by the Slotstop team for those of you who've asked: can you show me how to play online keno? It will also tell you all about free keno online bonuses.


Online keno games have two parts


Have you asked about how to play keno online? Well the first of the online keno rules is this: there are two issues when you play keno online; the numbers that the house calls out and the ticket that you have in your hand. Your online keno games ticket is based on a wager and a bunch of numbers that you pick. When you play keno online your goal is to match the numbers to the ones that are called out. However there are various types of tickets available in online keno games.


Online keno rules: straight tickets

Does it seem simple to learn how to play online keno? Slotstop has laid online keno games out as simply as possible. When you play keno online a straight ticket is where you mark off numbers on a ticket, and then wait to see if they are drawn in online keno games. Remember to read up on other casino online games, too.


Online keno rules: way tickets

Are you picking up how to play online keno? In online keno games a way ticket is a single ticket from where you can play numerous straight tickets at once. When you play keno online with a way ticket you get the same odds as betting singularly with a straight ticket.


Online keno rules: combination tickets

Isn't it a piece of cake to learn how to play online keno? When you play keno online you'll come across the combination ticket. If, for example, you play a two way ticket in online keno games, then a combination ticket will play keno online with the two ways (made up from the numbers you chose), but will also play a further two ways, each made up from the combined numbers in the original two ways.


Online keno rules: other tickets

A few other tickets are available when you play keno online. The best online keno sites will have king tickets, top or bottom and left or right tickets, as well as edges tickets, but these online keno strategies are easily learnt as you go along. You can also play keno slots at most quality websites, which Slotstop guarantees are great fun.


Online keno rules: free keno online

Free keno online is an absolutely free, keno bonus packed, pocket filling goody bag. All reputable sites will give free keno online bonuses to their customers as a loyalty reward, as a sign up incentive, and for tons of other things. If you play free keno online at more than one website then you'll find that you save tons of cash. (If you enjoy free games, then check out our free slots section too!)


Online keno tips put to good use

Now that you know about free keno online, and you've learned how to play the game from Slotstops online keno rules, you should click your way to a reputable casino site (such as Sun Palace Casino which also has great online slots) and see if you're up to the challenge... Good Luck!





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