Real Money or Not Real Money Online Slots

When you play online slot games, you’ll encounter two distinct modes of play, which are usually called real money and free play. These go by a few names which can cause confusion. Real money might also be called real play or have no clear name, while free play is also known as demo play, demo mode and play for fun. Long story short, one is playing with actual money and the other is not!

The benefits of Real Money gaming.

Real play is the standard mode that you’d expect to encounter, where you spend your actual money and can win actual money. Note that you cannot spend any real money until you’ve signed up to a site and made a deposit; they need your payment details to take any money.

You will often find that games default to real mode, but you can double check by looking at the coin size, which will be in your set currency, or by making a spin and checking to see if your on-site balance goes down. When playing in real play mode, you get the full, intended enjoyment of online slots and anything you win will also be in real cash.

Real play is the default because most people go to online slot sites to try to win money; it’s what makes online gambling more visceral and exciting than playing a computer game, for example. When you drop in five big symbols or get a series of free spins, you’ll be glad that you’ve using real money because all those winnings are now yours to withdraw!

The benefits of Free play gaming.

The opposite to real money is free play or demo mode, where you’re playing with credits instead of cash. This is usually made clear on the slot with a small tag. Free play works much like real play, except you use credits or points instead of cash. This can be a little confusing as you try to work out how similar the credits are to real pounds, but most sites keep it simple with 1 credit being 1 pound. You should find that demo games have the same probabilities as real play, but also bear in mind that when playing demo, you tend to be much more bold than you would with real money!

The downside to free play is that since you’re playing with points instead of money, you can only win points. You’re literally just trying the game, not gambling. This also means that if you drop in a huge winning combination, you’ll really wish you were playing with real money! That can get quite frustrating if it keeps happening, as there’s no guarantee it will continue if you switch to real play.

Free play is great when you don’t have funds but want a little quick entertainment, or if you want to see what a game feels like before spending actual money. Many players use it to see bonus rounds, without having to spend a lot of money waiting for one to occur.