Making online slots a social event.

There’s a new wave in the world online slots, known as multiplayer slots or community slots. The idea is simple- to take the typically solo activity of playing a slot machine game and making it a group activity. Just like computer games, video slots have the capacity to become multi-player, with a little rearrangement. This new system allows players to work together, play together and chat while enjoying their hobby.

Multiplayer gaming for reel fun.

One of the biggest criticisms of online gambling in comparison to traditional casino gambling, is that there’s less of a social aspect. Real casinos let you gather around a table, or a bank of slots, talking and sharing in the highs and lows. Online slots have previously been limited to basic chat functions and social media groups in this regard. The arrival of multiplayer gaming aims to change that and bridge the gap, by letting players share an experience and get a community feel, similar to when a progressive jackpot is built up.

The first element is a virtual room, so that people playing the same game are logged into one room, able to see and talk to each other. You will usually encounter a limit of around six players. The standard method here is for each player to have their own distinct slot game running, while chatting to each other about the wins, what stakes are working, what features they like and so on. This alone is a great way to put players on the same page and let online slot gaming become something social. That element is all the more vital for those who choose online slots over traditional gambling due to mobility or health issues; multiplayer gaming lets them also enjoy the interaction of company.

The multiplayer experience becomes more tangible with games that allow for shared play. For example, when a bonus round is triggered, you can all play together! Each person’s game gets the round at the same time. Furthermore, some slots have features like win multipliers based on number of friends playing, or the ability to send bonus rounds to other people. There are even games where the bonus round picks out a player from the room, to make an action that generates prizes for the others, like an audience member being picked out in a gameshow. Some treat you as a team, sharing out free spins or wins depending on your progress as a group.

The idea with multiplayer slot gaming is to build a feeling of cooperation and community. This distinguishes it slightly from progressive jackpots or tournaments, which are geared more towards competition between players. Rather than trying to outdo the others, in multiplayer slots you are working together or simply sharing the experience, which is ideal for casual gaming. You can even organise meetings in a certain room, with your friends or people you’ve played with in the past. This community effort also combats problem gambling, as people can watch out for each other.