Terminator 2 Slot Game

Not only is this Microgaming slot based on one of the coolest time-travel related sci-fi action movies of all time, it’s look and feel almost transports you back to 1991, when the movie came out. This classic vibe is updated with modern slot magic, from the music to the visuals. This slot has great animations based on the iconic movie, plus a futuristic, mechanical theme to the art. Listen out for some brooding electronic music, including the awesome title theme. You’ll also love the free spin feature that can net some huge wins and the T-800 vision mode, where you hunt down prizes!


One of the first things you’ll notice on the Terminator 2 reels is a 243 ‘ways to win’ tag, so you know you’ll have fun exploring the combinations this game has to offer. Click the tag to learn more. There are five reels with three symbols each, paying left to right from reel one. You’ll find a coin size range from 30p to £30 a spin, which is great for both budget and bold players, or of course play in demo mode to get a feel for the game first. You’ll see animated symbols for all the main characters, from Arnie’s T-800 Terminator to Sarah Connor, John Connor and the terrifying T-1000. Keep an eye out for the Wild T2 symbol and high-paying Arnie, plus the time-travel orb which is the scatter Symbol that you need during the bonus.

This slot has two cool features. The T-800 Vision feature is activated randomly on a non-winning spin and puts you behind the eyes of Arnie’s iconic machine, scanning for targets and winning prizes for finding the bigger characters, especially his nemesis the T-1000, with the biggest bonus! This will remind you of the classic scenes where the Terminator’s red-shaded vision is revealed, with computer readout information helping him to stalk his targets.

During this feature, if you catch the Scatter symbol then you’ll go on to activate the free spins feature, where the standard reels are changed to five reels with four symbols each and 1,024 ways to win! The liquid metal Terminator, true to the movies, becomes wild in this situation and will turn into the highest paying character for you. This animation is very reminiscent of the way Robert Patrick morphed in the movies and will make you want to watch them again.

If you need any information while playing, the game has a Help button at the top right which will explain the symbols and the nature of the bonus rounds. There are also buttons for access to graphic adjustment options, handy for older or less powerful machines, plus sound options too. You’ll see a lot of care and attention to detail in the animations and artwork on Terminator 2, as well as the haunting music. Give this game a try if you want a very simple but exciting game which has impressive visuals.