Online casino gambling in the UK

The UK has been open to online gambling for a long time, so there are plenty of sites available to online players. Many sites cater specifically for English speaking players, using the GBP currency. This is really useful as it cuts down a lot of potential problems for slots fans, such as over-complicated support and fees for currency conversion. Online gambling is legal in the UK and enjoys a lot of media coverage, so it’s easy to find new sites and check out their credentials.

Pros and cons of playing in the UK

The primary benefit of playing in the UK is that online gambling is completely legal in this country. Online gambling is popular here, so there’s a lot of discussion about site reputations and sites have to obey licensing bodies. For example, you’ll see the logo of the UK Gambling Commission on most UK casino sites. This should lead you to the commission’s site, where every licensed casino is listed, along with all their registered domains. This is a great way to double check if the site you’re using has been vetted and proven to be legal. You should also find that the vast majority of sites use the latest encryption and security. The legal age of gambling in the United Kingdom is 18.

UK gaming sites will primarily offer the pound currency, though a few do accept others, such as the Euro. They can also offer a pretty broad range of banking options. For most UK citizens, direct debit is the common choice, followed by credit card. This should incur very few fees and be quick to set up. However, a lot of sites also accept e-wallets like PayPal and Skrill, which is handy if you prefer not to keep details online, or like to use one set of information for several sites. You should have no issues depositing with any of these formats. Withdrawing is usually locked to the same method that you deposit with, or a cheque. Be aware that slight delays are possible as UK banks do not count weekends or bank holidays towards working days, when processing withdrawals.

UK casinos are free to advertise on television online and in print, so you’ll never be short of options. You may see advertisements for several sites during one advertisement break. The benefit of this is that you can easily find new sites if you aren’t happy, or claim welcome bonuses from each one. UK sites tend towards small welcome bonuses compared to some countries, but they do offer a lot of ongoing promotions, with holidays, competitions and so on, aiming towards the ‘fun factor’ of casual play.

With online gambling being prevalent in the UK, there’s also a broad support base for people with gambling issues and addictions. In fact, most sites operate a responsible gaming policy and will step in if your spending is unusually high, in the interest of safety. Customer support is generally free for UK callers and they also frequently offer live chat support, primarily in English.

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