Online casino gambling in America

There’s a lot of confusion about the legality of online gambling in America, but certain developments have cleared this up and it is possible for American citizens in some states to gamble legally, or to use services outside of the USA. The result is a new but growing market as America once again becomes an exciting frontier, this time for online slots! The more Americans that play, the better slots can become, with new technology, graphics and game types. For American citizens, the key is finding the right site to get the benefit.

Pros and cons of playing online in America

The legal question in America does make life harder for gamblers, but there are lots of benefits too so it’s worth finding out where you stand. The development that really opened up online gambling for the US, was when it was revealed that there’s currently no federal law against it. Only sports betting is illegal at the federal level, i.e. the nationwide government forbids it. That means that it’s only the laws of your state which decide whether or not you can play slots online. Certain states like New Jersey have already legalised online gambling, so a quick search will tell you where you stand, but also note that you should look into the minimum legal age and some sites will require you to be 21. You should also be aware that you accept any risk when you choose to gamble online in a state which forbids it, though in practical terms, a minute number of people have been actually prosecuted for this.

Due to the above concerns, Americans will often have to gamble at sites outside of the US, but this isn’t uncommon anyway in the age of the internet. Simply look out for sites that are licenced in the place they’re situated and have other security in place, such as encryption software on transactions and regulation by gambling bodies. Americans should find that sites accept Visa debit and credit cards, but some brands have more difficulty due to the legal question. Consider also online payment services like PayPal and even the anonymous currency Bitcoin.

The benefits are still great for Americans. Sites which cater to US citizens will make support available in English and should offer a variety of methods, like live chat and phone support. Also look for USD currency acceptance, which is pretty broad around the world. American slot sites will often feature themed graphics, special games and plenty of guides to help introduce them to the world of online gambling, as a relatively new member of this growing online community.

The demand for online gambling grows as Americans are increasingly turned off traditional casinos, which operate a lot like holiday resorts. These are fun for a big night out, but don’t cater very well to casual play or to those with mobility issues. Online gambling is generally cheaper and all takes places in the comfort of your own home.